Fear of Blank Pages…

Nothing intimidates me more than a blank page.  And even worse….the first page.

(I think that’s why its taken me so long to write on our blog)

Seeing that big open space just waiting to be filled, just makes me nervous especially in things like sketch books or journals.  You see I have this problem where I buy sketch books with the intention of taking it everywhere with me and practicing me sketching techniques.  I know I’m not this amazing sketcher or drawer by any means but I have a desire to be better.  But the thing is, I buy these books and never use them.  I can’t get past the first page.  I feel like the first sketch should be mind-blowingly amazing or something so I just never draw anything….until recenetly.

This summer while I was in Italy, my teacher was showing us her sketchbook.  It was filled with sketches and then snip-its of real life. Like her grocery list and lists of other kinds.  It was a REAL carry-with-me-everywhere sketchbook.  I idolized it.  She told me she had that same fear of “ruining” her sketchbook by making a catastrophe of the first page so she shared with me this life changing advice….just SCRIBBLE on it!

Scribble, splat, smear, smudge, make a mess of that first page….then all intimidation is gone.  The first page lets you get out that anxiety and get on with your sketches.  I know it sounds silly, but try it.  It helped me over come my fear, and I’ve found a new love for sketchbooks.

And hey, whose not to say that one of those scribbles won’t be a masterpiece??  I mean helloooo modern art…..Check out whats going on at the MOMA


~ by SJB on March 30, 2010.

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